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1,000 "Belly Hugs" for Teachers
Homemade Lunches on 9/28/2021

The Right Relief Inc is a Waukesha County Nonprofit.

They provide practical and emotional support to nourish caregivers and their communities.


The Right Relief has  a goal of providing 5,475 Meals to Caregivers.  Teachers are caregivers!  We know the amount of love and effort they pour into their students.  A home cooked meal from The Right Relief will help nourishing and replenish teachers after their first busy month of school!


Our Amazing Volunteers - "Relief Squad" - will be cooking and delivering the 1,000 home made meals on Tuesday, 9/28!
The Right Relief is funded exclusively by donations!
Want to Learn More about the Relief Squad? Or Contribute to our ongoing Mission?

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