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A Long lasting lasagna

I know our belly hug meals and doses of Relief have a lasting impact on Caregivers. I know this because the meals my family received more than 10 years ago have had a huge impact on me. HUGE enough that they inspired me to start a little nonprofit ;) I also know this because Relief Squad receives messages/social media comments after meal delivery all the time. We call them "Caregiver Quotes" and share on our pages often. One came across recently that really hit home.

We heard from a Caregiver who received a meal in 2021. She also just donated on our website and included this Caregiver Quote in the comment section of the purchase.

WOW! When you haven't had a home cooked meal in months and two smiling volunteers show up with one, it just about makes your entire year. Time is so warped when you are in a Caregiving situation. Even three days the week of Thanksgiving in 2010 seemed like an eternity, which made my famous Thanksgiving Dinner even more memorable/impactful.

If you or someone you know would be impacted like the Caregiver above, request Relief here.

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