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Our "New" Gathering Place

We have been in our new home for a week now and I have the time to sit down and write about our new gathering place: the kitchen table/ dining room! This is the first time we've had a designated, usable spot that isn't a breakfast bar/island to all sit and eat together. It has already brought back memories of growing up in Peshtigo and eating with my Mom, Dad and Sister every night. Here is an exert from my blog about how #5475 was created:

By far, my favorite room in the house was of course the kitchen. It was there that I sat with my Becker family unit and had dinner every night. Our family dinners included playing cards (while eating!), watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, eating lots of carbs and sharing our news of the day. We would laugh and laugh and sit a little longer to enjoy each other’s company (or to delay doing the dishes as long as possible). This is also where I learned the value of relief from the days’ woes. We all carry burdens throughout our days and our family dinner was my daily relief. The warmth, love and support AND relief I felt while sitting at that kitchen table needs to be felt by others who don't have access to that table too. Which is how #5475 was born!

Our new dining area is just diagonal from the kitchen and is what we like to call a "nook." There are several quirky nooks in this house that are fun to figure out what to do with! Currently there is a chair rail with dark red paint on the bottom (we are already thinking of what color to paint it to better match our table/chairs and brighten it up...suggestions welcome!). Five out of our six chairs fit and Violet is still using a booster seat on hers. The table was hand stained by Kyle when we bought our first house. Lots of time and several coats of stain later and it is beautiful! There is a ceiling fan and best of all.. a wall of windows/big patio door looking out onto our deck/fenced yard/birch tree! There is so much light and such a great breeze. The floor is hard to is wood boards, almost like solid/heavy duty decking boards. This area of the house was an addition. We put a temporary rug under the table to catch crumb spills from Violet! Will be looking for something better once we paint! We have started thinking about what kind of "seat" we can put on the far side of the table for baby boy to sit in/nap while we eat the next few months!

I envision so many family meals in this dining area and just love it! It will bring the Mealy's Relief for sure :)

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