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Sponsor a Caregiver's Family Meal

Sponsor a Caregiver's Family Meal


The purpose of The Right Relief Meal Sponsorship is to let others express, honor and share their memories of meals with family or caregivers they know. While you may not be able to sit down and eat with a loved one who has passed away, you can provide another caregiver that experience through the meal sponsorship. It is the ultimate "pay-it-forward" gesture.


Your contribution includes...

✅You will be providing funding for one full night's meal (9x13 pan size + salad, bread, dessert...) for a caregiver & their family!
✅One 9x13 pan size meal provides 6-8 servings depending on the meal. SO you will be adding 6-8 meals to our #5475 total!
✅ You will have the opportunity to include the name of a loved one or caregiver you'd like to honor or remember with your sponsorship!

  • Notes

    In the "Notes" section please indicate who you would like to honor, who the meal is sponsored by or in memory of.

  • Return/Refund policy

    Contribution Refund Policy
    We are grateful for your contribution and support of our organization. If you have made an error in making your contribution or change your mind about contributing to our organization please contact us. Refunds will be credited within 14 days of being approved.