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Welcome to:

The Right Relief Inc.

Caring for Caregivers

Our Mission

The Right Relief Inc cares for caregivers so that they feel a sense of relief.

Our Vision

We provide a dose of right relief for caregivers, personalized to their unique needs/situation.

The Right Relief INc.

Hi! I'm Hollie Mealy, Founder and president of The Right Relief Inc.   I'm a Caregiver. I've been a caregiver for my father who passed away, for my Mom and sister as we grieved his loss. And more recently for my 2 beautiful kids. I know the impact a small gesture can have to lift the spirits of a Caregiver. So in 2019, I started The Right Relief Inc to care for Caregivers.

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Home cooked meals.

Made with love & free of charge.

Delivered directly to caregiver homes.

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There's a Caregiver you know Who is: 
worn out & Overwhelmed
Help them get The Right Relief.

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"She cares for ALL his needs, while enduring his crabby and ungrateful comments.  She could really use a lift - A reminder she is seen and loved. Thank you for offering this wonderful, needed service."

Ready to support?

100% of the meals are funded by donations.  A $100 Donation represents dozens of meals for caregivers or multiple "doses" of Right Relief. Click below to one click donate.


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