Relief Meals to Caregivers

3,318 of 5,475

We have provided:


Our First Action as The Right Relief Inc. is to serve 5,475 Meals to Caregivers and their Community. 


Your support will immediately turn into meals provided at places like: Kathy's House and Ronald McDonald House.

Each of these "Hospital" Hotels serves family members of Hospital Patients who live outside of the Milwaukee Area.  Normally these Caregivers, because of distance from home, rely on Hospital Cafeteria Food, Fast Food and Frozen to survive while caring for others.

We are honored that your support allows us the opportunity to go to places like these and cook between 30-60 meals for the guests during the dinner hour.  Our goal is to deliver the warm fuzzies wrapped in comfort food.  We have been on the receiving end of support like that, and know how it can nourish more than the belly.

From our first Meal (50 cooked in one night), we knew we were on the right track.  One guest came in and said "I wasn't going to be able to face the Hospital Cafeteria again".  We believe that in order for caregivers to continue to care for those they love, they too need to be loved. 


Your support IS that love.    

Help us to serve even MORE!

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