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This Post has been a long time coming. I have had this idea since before The Right Relief Inc was even a thought.

It all started with...a small home on the Peshtigo (WI) River circa fall 1990. I was almost 3 years old and my sister would be born the following spring. My parents had moved around a few times in my short existence and settled on Peshtigo much to their families’ surprise; it was 3 hours away from Madison where they grew up, met each other and went to College. Also, the small home was really more of an old cottage.

My parents Rob and Diane worked so hard to make the house a home and even eventually put on an addition that included a screened-in porch where we liked to eat together in the summer. It also meant I got my own room! Our new family room had a big, new sliding patio door so we could look out at the River and birch trees on the bank (the inspiration behind The Right Relief Inc's logo).

By far, my favorite room in the house was of course the kitchen. It was there that I sat with my Becker family unit and had dinner every night. Our family dinners included playing cards (while eating!), watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, eating lots of carbs and sharing our news of the day. We would laugh and laugh and sit a little longer to enjoy each other’s company (or to delay doing the dishes as long as possible). This is also where I learned the value of relief from the days’ woes. We all carry burdens throughout our days and our family dinner was my daily relief.

The warmth, love and support AND relief I felt while sitting at that kitchen table needs to be felt by others who don't have access to that table too. Which is how #5475 was born!

Where did this number come from? I lived in that house from age 3 until 18.

So: 15 years X 365 days= 5,475 meals

I am going to make 5,475 meals for caregivers! Yes, you read that right! 5,475!

You may think I'm crazy...I can't cook 5,475 meals by myself! This is where YOU, The Right Relief Inc's best supporters, are going to be able to help. I will need many volunteers LIKE YOU to achieve this lofty goal. I know we can do it! Are you ready to help? I'll need your support like never before.

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