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Thoughts On: 6 Months of Relief

September 23 is when The Right Relief Inc became an NPO. July is when the idea started to take shape. I wanted to reflect back on the last several months and all I've learned, enjoyed and accomplished with this awesome organization!! Best for Last: Thank Yous!


  • I have learned how to better get past the "uncomfortable." It is still a little hard for me to answer the question "What is The Right Relief?" It is a personal story that spans over half of my life and it can be difficult to put into words.

  • Doing Live videos was uncomfortable at first but with each one I feel more relaxed and can portray our mission through the info I share each week.

  • I have learned just a fraction about organizing a fundraiser and planning an event. People told me "no" or just did not respond. I learned to not get discouraged and keep planning/asking/going.

  • I have expanded my tech skills to managing a page on Facebook, using a spreadsheet (very basically), "Designing" a website, Tshirts, Christmas Ornaments & fliers/advertisements.

  • I have learned some Legal mumbo jumbo and am about to embark on doing NPO taxes...wish me luck!


  • I have enjoyed caregivers' gratitude and the "relief" I see on their faces when I make them a meal. I once felt that and now get to pay it forward.

  • I have enjoyed meeting and working with our #ReliefSquad volunteers. Some I knew and some are "new" friends but both are now people I am glad I get to see more often!

  • I have enjoyed cooking! When I worked full time I barely had time to get in the door and heat leftovers up in the microwave for dinner. Now I can spend my afternoons cooking. I have always liked to bake but am enjoying cooking more and more!

  • I have enjoyed getting to work with my Husband Kyle. He runs a business for his full time career and has helped me so much with this new process. I'm glad he has passed on some of his tips and tricks and pushed me to "do the work." It has helped make The Right Relief Inc what it is today!

  • I have enjoyed blogging for the #WriteRelief. I had started the Curious Miss V blog about my daughter over a year ago and really liked sharing our adventures. Now I get to write about "Adult" stuff too LOL


  • 310 Meals cooked, served/delivered to Caregivers!!!

  • Held 3 Online fundraisers and 1 Honoring Caregivers Event

  • 22 Founder Fifty Members

  • Coordinated with SJV Girl Scouts Holiday Fundraisers

  • 21 #WriteRelief Blog Posts

  • 142 Facebook likes

  • Launched our website

  • Have had 13 #ReliefSquad members volunteer for group cooking nights at Kathy 's House and Ronald McDonald House

Thank Yous

Without these people, The Right Relief Inc. would not be where it is now 6 months later!

  • Marquette Legal Initiative for Nonprofit Corporations

  • Board Members: Kyle and Rick Mealy

  • All our #FounderFifties

  • #Relief Squad: Sue and Bill, Nealy and Nicole, Julie H, Mrs. Haqqi and Maali, Shannon and Tim, Tess, Mr. and Mrs. Quirk, Kyle

  • Lauren, Tiff Julie, Sue, Jen & Patti for help behind the scenes

  • Mrs. Haqqi for the great Facebook review and #WishList Purhcase

  • Debbie Heiman for the Facebook review and TONS of caregivers referrals

  • Cleveland Pub: Waived room rental fee for Honoring Caregivers Fundraiser Event

  • Babysitters: Grandpa & Krista, Grandma Diane and Auntie Kellie, Patti and Becky

  • Jack and Jan O'Brien: Freezer Purchase

  • Marie from Kathy's House and Maggie from Ronald McDonald House

  • Guest Blogger: Kellie Matters

  • Leah for letting me share her story

  • Mrs. Brey for listening way back in the idea stage

  • Shannon and Kelli with SJV girl scouts

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1 Comment

Mar 12, 2020

So much accomplished in just 6 months! You go girl!

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