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Honoring Caregivers Fundraiser

What an awesome event!! So thankful to all attendees and those who donated from afar.

Here is a recap and some fun pictures!

Our first fundraiser was on Super Bowl Sunday!! We raised enough money to fund 160 more meals which combined with our previous 247 puts us very close to #500in5Months

We had some awesome raffle baskets donated by Diane Becker, Craig Brey, Sue and Bill Bailey, Patti and John Alar, Lisa Stacey, Julie Carter, and ... The Mealy's basement ;)

There was also a candy jar guessing game won by John Alar..942 M&Ms is a lot!!

Our big focal point was our Honor Wall where guests wrote the names of caregivers they wanted to remember or Honor. My sister Kellie and my Mom Diane were front and center! Lauren Tufford made the banner and hearts/footballs for the Wall as well as a Right Relief Inc Logo board and a poster with my first bitmoji! 

Guests enjoyed the awesome Cleveland Pub food and desserts made by your sweet-tooth obsessed (and pregnant!) founder Hollie! 

We introduced our Right Relief Wish List, Meal Sponsorship and a Save the Date card with upcoming cooking nights and a "Miles for Meals" event in April.

Finally, one of my favorite parts of the evening was the #5475 "ice breaker" and/or kick off activity. Guests got a card with a colored number and they had to find others with the matching font/color. They then assembled in #5475 order for a picture. What a fun way to spread awareness of our mission! 

I couldn't have done it without the help of Kyle who pulled double duty also taking care of our sick Violet! And our fearless and relentless raffle ticket seller- Rick! 

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