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The Story Behind: The Iconic Birch Trees!

You may have noticed a winter birch tree scene on our Facebook page today celebrating the first official day of winter. I often use pictures of birch trees in all four seasons because they are beautiful and my favorite tree (as funny as that sounds!). But they go deeper than that. They bring me personal joy and even Relief! Here's why...

I grew up in Northeastern Wisconsin on the Peshtigo River. My parents bought our house in 1991 mainly because of the river frontage and one acre wooded yard. I was just 3 years old but I know they could envision my sister and I growing up playing in that yard and fishing/going for boat rides. We even sledded down the river bank and ice skated/snowshoed in the winter. It was a calm oasis for them having both grown up in the Madison area.

There are obviously many birch trees on the river bank and in our neighbors yards. I love how different they can look during the different seasons. I like that they are different from most other trees in being white/grey in color as opposed to brown. I don't know how else to describe it besides it's nature's beauty!

My whole family spent a lot of time outside, especially my Dad. I can go on to the dock (that he built with the help from our dear neighbor Pat) and take in the scenery of the water & trees and just feel at peace. I can take a deep breath and I feel relief from any stress. It's my happy place! Birch trees always remind me of that specific location and I couldn't be more grateful to have had that childhood experience that has stayed with me. I love getting to share it with my own family now!

What better way to represent The Right Relief Inc than this meaningful memory!

Enjoy some pictures! They are heavy on fall because that is my favorite!

Miss. V at Grandma's - she would stay on the dock all day if we'd let her!

Not a birch tree but my nature loving Dad!

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