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5 Cakes in 24 Hours

Dessert Day 2023 was pretty epic and I wanted to share the events that transpired in the kitchen at Right Relief Headquarters that day ;)

It all began a week prior with a massive grocery store trip. So massive in fact that 2 stores were needed. I was shopping for Ronald McDonald House night, Fisher House lunch, 4 individual caregiver meals as well as cake/frosting supplies.

The next situation to be figured out (after rearranging the fridge a zillion times to hold everything) was where I was going to put the cakes once they were done. 5 cakes takes up a lot of space and I of course needed to get this picture of them all together. Otherwise, what was the point?!

I ended up using an under-the-bed storage container that normally holds wrapping paper plus a serving tray. Robbie definitely got into all the paper that was displaced for this event ;)

This whole endeavor would not have been possible without my Mom who entertained the kiddos while I got to work. I was SO glad I decided to start the night before. I had one cake done and frosted and one done without frosting.

Another obvious lifesaver was the Pampered Chef number/letter cake pan! That thing is Amazing. I've used it for my kiddo's birthdays and now after this experience wouldn't it be awesome to spell out a whole name?! Eeek just kidding! My trusty Kitchenaide mixer of course did a TON of leg work for all 5 cakes (and 4 of them had homemade frosting...all different flavors!) . We really should name her/him. It is teal...hmmmm....

Without further ado...even though you didn't are the 5 individual cakes and their flavors. Comment below which is your favorite combo!

Funfetti with Vanilla buttercream

Chocolate chip cake with chocolate buttercream

Vanilla cake (the recipe I've used for my kids' birthdays SO good) with raspberry buttercream! Raspberries were from our garden last summer!

Apple cake with cinnamon/sugar topping (Apples hand picked from the orchard last fall!)

Red velvet with classic cream cheese frosting

Robbie noticed this on my forehead right away and alerted me LOL

Did I mention that we were also dying Easter eggs, grilling for the first time this season, making Easter M&M blondie bars and also Easter brunch all within those 24 hours?! What a weekend!

This is what my kitchen looks like most of the time ;)

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