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What's Next: 54,750 Doses of Caregiver Support in 10 years

The BIG question: What comes after 5,475?! SO many people have asked me this and I can finally say I have an answer!

54,750 "Does" Of Right Relief (Caregiver Support) in 10 years!

First of all, I want to shout from the rooftops: WE WILL STILL BE OFFERING BELLY HUGS TO CAREGIVERS! Right Relief "Repeat" meals will continue too. This means that Caregivers who already received a meal can receive another/more. The "process" for requesting a meal or referring a Caregiver for a meal will be the same...message me on Facebook or fill out the form on our website

NEW GOAL ALERT!! (Video link with more info!)

We are going to provide Relief to 54,750 Caregivers in the next 10 years!

That is not a typo! We are taking 5,475 and multiplying by TEN in order to provide Relief for TEN times more Caregivers. Here's why...

The original 5,475 story had such a strong WHY and so many people resonated with it.

Almost everyone knows a Caregiver or has been one themselves. Since the original goal was accomplished so quickly (just 3.5 years) we know there is a HUGE need (more than we ever thought) for Caregiver support. Funds and awareness are raised so much more frequently for PATIENTS and their illnesses but CAREGIVERS are often left by the wayside to "fend for themselves." The Right Relief will continue to acknowledge and advocate for Caregivers. ALWAYS! We will ask "What is the Right Relief for YOU, Caregiver?"

Enter: DOSES of Right Relief!

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1 Comment

Al Trautman
Al Trautman
Jan 11

Are these available for parents of disabled/special needs children & teens?

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