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A Thanksgiving Dinner to Remember

I shared in a short Facebook post about an especially good Thanksgiving Dinner my family had in 2010 and I want to tell a little more of the story. It was one meal; but it left such an impact on me that I still remember it and think of it often. It has helped to form the idea for The Right Relief Inc.

My Dad had surgery to remove a brain tumor the Monday before Thanksgiving 2010 at UW Hospital in Madison. I was teaching and living in the Milwaukee area and went over for the day after getting a sub for my class. The surgery was successful; but it was brain surgery and my Dad was in a bit of pain for a few days. We finally got the go-ahead to take him home (3 hours North in Peshtigo) on Thanksgiving morning. We packed the car and slowly headed up, trying not to jostle his poor, aching head. Tired doesn't even begin to cover how my Mom, sister and I felt as we unloaded and walked into our family home. No smells of a cooking turkey or pumpkin pie greeted us. It honestly didn't feel like Thanksgiving. Normally, we would have cooked and prepped the day before and been lounging in our family room watching football prior to our big meal. Dad was the chef of the house and never disappointed.

What was the Right Relief for the Becker's that day? It was delivered to our door not an hour after we arrived home. Our dear family friend Karen had cooked a whole meal for her family, and one for mine. This is funny, but I can still see the pattern on her fall dishes. She brought four plates (real plates!! not paper!) of Thanksgiving food. I mean EVERYTHING! All the traditional fixings! After 4 days of hospital and fast food. What a RELIEF!!!

THAT feeling of Relief was so perfect for my family. Our organization will recreate that warm fuzzy feeling. It wasn't just the meal; it was the thought from a friend, her personal patterned dishes and the absolute perfect timing. Thanks so much Karen for providing the Right Relief to a family in need!!

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