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Carb Loading

I have been posting a lot about Food and emotions associated with it: you may think I weigh 500 pounds. Thankfully Not! I have been a runner (off and on) since 8th grade. When I first started in track and cross country it was to be part of a team and hang out with my friends. Now, it is mostly so I can eat carbs and desserts- LOL!

I have a lot of fond memories of high school cross country team meals the night before a race. We would meet at a teammate's house after practice and chow down on pasta and bread. I especially enjoyed having the meal at my house. My Dad would cook his secret-ingredient lasagna recipe for everyone and it was always a hit. He would sit back and enjoy his own piece while everyone happily carb-loaded. He and I were both quiet and not the outgoing ones in social situations always. This team meal provided a way for me to "host" and come out of my shell a bit. I am so thankful my Dad (And Mom!) were proud/happy to do this for me/my team!

So.....I know you are dying to know his secret ingredient. He would do the normal layers of noodles, cheese mixture and meat. He also added layers of....pepperoni! My favorite pizza topping inside an already delicious, cheesy, noodle-y lasagna. What could be better?!

To honor my Dad and his love of cooking for others, we will be serving lasagna for our November 7th dinner at Kathy's House. I hope it brings some relief to caregivers/patients staying there. Stay tuned for a recipe blog where I'll share the recipe! I want YOU to have this great "relief-filled" recipe to be able to make/share with important caregivers in YOUR life!

I have already had one website submission from a caregiver requesting info and was able to respond by asking "what is the right relief for you?" If the answer is, "a meal," I can guarantee the family will be getting this "famous" lasagna recipe!! It is an ultimate comfort (relief) food for me. It is so cool to see my "vision" coming to life in just a few short weeks!!

Might I have had too many helpings of pepperoni lasagna the night before this race?!

My running (and carb eating) partner in crime- Kel!

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