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Caregivers Need YOU

I've had a big push recently to get more Caregiver contact info because.... we have 1,000+ meals funded thanks to some very generous donors the last few months!!! These are donors who have been the patient. These are donors who have been the sole caregiver for many months/years. They get it. They know how it feels; it can be lonely. We don't want Caregivers and their families to have to "go it alone." They need a hug for their bellies. They need Relief!

A recent Caregiver who received Relief in the form of Right Relief Lasagna reached out after delivery and had this to say about her experience...

"I’m in complete tears. I completely forgot you were coming today and I am so tired from running to the doctors and everything!! Thank you so much."

There are countless other Caregivers in our area (we serve Milwaukee/Waukesha counties and also Boston area!) with same situations. Their sole attention is on their loved one. Appointments, pharmacy pick ups, phone calls with insurance... the list goes on. On top of that, they are literally providing care. Nursing a baby. Changing bandages. Keeping loved one hydrated. Administering meds. Providing emotional support. Laundry. Cleaning. And.. Dinner??? That's where The Right Relief comes in... takes one thing off of their plates and swaps it for an actual meal!

#10namesthisweek is the goal through Sunday (and every week going forward!); how many will you provide? How many caregivers will you relieve?

Send a caregiver's contact info (name, phone number) to or head to our website and submit the referral form!


Caregivers we provide Relief to include:

  • New moms

  • parents of sick kiddos

  • a spouse caring for their husband or wife

  • grown children caring for elderly parents

  • nurses, doctors, child life specialists

  • teachers

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