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Cookie "Salad"

One staple at the Becker family holiday table for the last 15+ years is COOKIE SALAD!

We were never big on vegetable sides (although my Dad did make a mean lettuce salad with his 90s salad spinner) for holidays unless covered in cheese sauce. So, we borrowed this awesome alternative from our neighbor Sandy.

Sandy is an awesome baker/cook and invited us over for dinner and shared treats all the time. It is her recipe we use for the famous Right Relief Inc chocolate chip cookies! She had two young kids when they moved in (two or three owners past our other "family" neighbors the DesJardins headed to Colorado). My sister and I babysat and played in our yard on our jungle gym with them all the time (gave us an excuse to still use it as we were getting to the too-old-to-use stage of life). They became like family too. And family to me = sharing food/meals and spreading the warm fuzzies! That is what I've so enjoyed since starting The Right Relief! I get to share and spread to caregivers!

Cookie salad has only 5 ingredients and turns out like one of those classic fluffy white cool whip salads that you're never quite sure if you actually want to try at a graduation party. I am not a fan of those mystery fluffs with questionable chunks of... who knows. This recipe is NOT like all the rest! It is tasty and delicious and of course has COOKIES?! So...I've given away two ingredients will have to check back for the others and they are not what you would expect!

I'll leave you with this logic I'm sure you've heard before... cookies have chocolate...chocolate comes from a plant...this salad is SUPER healthy ;)

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