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Everyone Needs a Thank You Pizza

Part 2 of the "Ode to Pizza" is again mostly about my Dad and his genuine, caring spirit. He was not handy by any means and relied heavily on our neighbors the DesJardins and Plyms to help him with outdoor equipment issues/maintenance, landscaping projects and even building a dock & jungle gym for my sister and I when we were little.

While he was a master at many other things especially cooking and word puzzles/games, he knew his limits and asked for help when needed. To show his gratitude, he would make "thank you pizzas." He would double his bread maker crust recipe and then make the second pizza specifically for our neighbors with the toppings they liked. He would hand deliver and all they had to do was throw it in the oven. There was something about this kind, neighbor-helping-neighbor attitude that made people actually want to help my Dad. Whether it be a lawn mower not starting, an empty gas can half way through grilling dinner or installing an outdoor lamppost with quick dry concrete an hour before guests' departure, people just said yes and got the job done. It was that generosity that my Dad wanted to acknowledge and thank with a pizza. Who needs a thank you card when a pizza will say it all?

My Dad also made meals for neighbors going through hard times or cancer treatments. I know this is why so many people did the same in return when he himself needed support. It is this thoughtfulness that I am passing on to caregivers staying in the Milwaukee area. I encourage you to volunteer and/or contribute to The Right Relief Inc, or Pay it Forward yourself...with a thank you pizza...because everyone needs a thank you pizza! (Wouldn't that slogan be great for a Right Relief TShirt?!)

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