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Garden Relief: Zucchini edition

As I've mentioned in previous posts, my Dad was the chef in our house and my Mom the baker. Something they both enjoyed was gardening and using fresh produce in our meals! Naturally it's something I've always enjoyed too and I've converted Kyle into a gardener/yard lover. We even built our own raised garden beds at our first house and are planning something similar in our current home for next summer!

One of the dishes my Dad enjoyed making the most was stir fry with fresh peas, beans, peppers...he loved making fried rice to go with and usually chicken or steak. We also always had a ton of chives that he'd cut any time we had baked potatoes. My mom used tomatoes to can salsa. We always had giant zucchini plants and you can read all about my wonderful experience making a chocolate zucchini cake in this post :)

As far as fruit, we also had a raspberry patch and rhubarb. We'd make raspberry jam and sauce to go over vanilla ice cream... the best in the summer! I know many people are not fans of rhubarb but I grew up with it and like it (with lots of sugar!).

There is something SO satisfying when you cook a meal with fresh produce. It brings me a sense of accomplishment, health and relief. I have so many fond memories of eating delicious, fresh meals with garden produce on the screened porch of my childhood home. It was actually right next to the garden! I'm aiming to provide that same feeling to Caregivers with my mom's famous zucchini soufflé recipe this Thursday!

I have gotten several zucchini's at local farmer's markets (a Mealy family favorite place to go on summer Saturdays!) and also received some huge ones from Relief Squad member Amber who lives near Madison. As everyone knows, veggies always taste better with cheese! The zucchini bakes with cheese and Bisquick mix in a cake pan and turns out to be a warm, savory, cheesy delicious accompaniment to any meal, YUM! Will be serving BBQ pulled chicken with it.

Any other zucchini lovers out there?! I'd love for you to share a favorite recipe and I'll be sure to share mine too in upcoming posts!

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