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Got Tylenol?

Have you ever taken a dose of Tylenol when you have a headache? It hopefully helps provide Relief from the pain and you move on with life. But, what happens when you get another headache the following week? You wouldn't suffer; you'd reach for another dose. With Doses of Right Relief, we are aiming to provide more types of Relief to Caregivers when they need it most. This video gives some examples of Doses we will be offering in the coming months!

We surveyed Caregivers who have received Belly Hug Relief to see what ELSE would provide them Relief. Since founding and coming up with our nonprofit name, the question that I've always thought about asking Caregivers is, "What is the right relief for you?" While we were "figuring out" the ins and outs of running a nonprofit, food was of course our go-to. Having the, "what's for dinner?" conversation day after day for a family who doesn't have a sick loved one can be challenging when working full time. I knew from experience the relief that came when other's provided a home cooked, comforting meal when dinner was the last thing on our minds.

In my experience, what most Caregivers Really need/want is to not be in the situation they are in. They want to take away pain or sickness from their loved one. They want insurance companies to be cooperative and helpful. They want to sleep through the night without worrying about the future. They want to be home for holidays. They want every member of their family to feel cared for equally, regardless of illness. They want fresh air. They want to eat dinner at their own kitchen table. They want doctors who are compassionate and listen to their concerns. They want healing.

So...where does that leave The Right Relief Inc.? Can we provide any of the above "Relief" to Caregivers. Not really. We're good....but not that good. We don't have magical healing powers, a medical degree or enough patience for insurance calls/paperwork. Just being honest ;)

All we can do is keep asking the question; "What is the Right Relief for you?" Seven little words. that will hopefully make a Caregiver feel cared for. We are here. We are here to support them. We see them and know a little of what they are going through. We will keep the bottle of Tylenol in easy reach. All they have to do is accept it.

54,750 Doses....lets GOOOOOO!

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