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Grilling Season

It is spring and that means Grilling Season in the Mealy HouseHold! I of course have been craving burgers (along with pretty much everything else!) this pregnancy so we started grilling in March I think. In the summer we sit on our deck and enjoy chicken, brats or burgers along with corn on the cob and/or grilled veggies at least once a weekend. It definitely brings me #Relief!

Also, before we had Violet, Kyle and I did a lot of tailgating with our portable grill at Brewer games! Ours is on wheels and it makes it super easy to just collapse, load up and then set up at Miller Park. He has even cooked for my staff end-of-the-year-celebration games with 20+ people on that little grill! One year, the group next to us ran out of gas on theirs so he ended up grilling for them too! Mmmmmm I can almost smell that "grill smell" now. We always have some kind of potato chips and homemade puppie chow LOL. Why that is our "tradition" I don't know but we made it the first time we went to a game together back when we had a tiny Webber charcoal grill and Kyle's little Mazda. I remember leaving white fingerprints from the puppie chow on his car door oops! :)

Growing up, my Dad had one season: grilling season. ALL year! Polar vortex in January? Didn't matter...he'd be out grilling us some yummy steaks or burgers for dinner. He was famous for his shish kabobs too and little foil potato packets. I loved to be outside with him as darkness fell, listening to his country music from the garage radio, smelling the delicious meal we were about to consume. Riding my scooter/bike up and down the driveway when I was younger. He always puttered around while waiting for the food to cook, usually moving hoses/sprinklers around if it was summer. Or we would be nosy neighbors and watch the walkers/bikers go by. And shake our heads at the big trucks with noisy exhaust. In a small town, we pretty much knew everyone.

When Dad brought the food in, the 4 of us would sit down and eat and chat and play cards. We discussed our days and supported each other. Definitely my favorite part of the day! I especially loved when we could eat on our screened in porch in the summer. Way too many mosquitoes to eat on the deck but we had a little sanctuary on the porch with views of my favorite birch trees and river of course.

There is one funny story that our neighbor and dear friend Pat DesJardin shared at my Dad's service. He was always running out of gas midway through cooking. And more often than not the spare tank would also be empty. He'd ask Pat to borrow his tank and just keep on cooking. This always put dinner time way back naturally. One time, Pat was getting rid of an empty tank and had asked someone to come and pick it up to dispose of it. He had left in on his driveway. My Dad didn't know this (or maybe he did lol) and went and took it. The pick up person knocked on Pat's door because it wasn't there when he came and Pat was so confused. He came over and asked my Dad, "Did you see a propane tank in my driveway?" and my Dad (in his deadpan tone I'm sure) said "Yeah, I needed an extra one so I took it!"

To Grilling Season!

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