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HCF Year 2!

We just wrapped up our 2nd annual Honoring Caregivers Fundraiser on the 13th! Forty people attended including some new faces. It was held at Hot House Tavern in Menomonee Falls; such a great venue/event room! Hats off to Gina, their banquet manager, and team! My right hand man, Kyle, was also set up master and his taping talent was put to the test ;) Rick, my father-in-law, was the raffle ticket Rockstar! So thankful to have such a great team supporting The Right Relief Inc.

Twelve raffle baskets were donated and really got attendees excited. We also had a candy guessing jar with 4 full bags of M&Ms... totally over 1,200! Here are the donors we would love to thank:

  • Third Space Brewery

  • Rocket Clicks

  • Diane Becker

  • Craig Brey: HC Grainworks

  • Shelly Hucke: Pampered Chef

  • Sweet Treats by Ashley

  • Steve & Heather Jury

  • Sue & Bill Bailey

  • Nancy & Sean Pieper

  • Alyona & Tony Caravella

  • Franklin Elementary (West Allis) teachers

  • Hot House Tavern

I gave a short presentation at half time including the following highlights from 2021:

  • # of meals: 2,511

  • Current total: 3,437

  • Tmj4 The Morning Blend Gives Back Contest winners! Featured segment

  • 1st group to provide a group meal at the new Kathy’s House in June

  • New Board member: Jan O’Brien

  • Recipients of Ascendium Education triple donation match program

  • 1000 Belly Hugs

  • Featured on Happy Healthy Caregiver Blog and Uplifting Women podcast

Here is the list of Award winners we announced as well:

  • Largest Individual Donors: Hope & Steve Merry

  • #1 Social Supporters: Heather & Steve Jury

  • Most Volunteer Hours: Sue & Bill Bailey

  • Most Caregiver Referrals: Debbie Heiman

  • MVR (Most Valuable Reliever): Nancy Pieper

  • Honorable Mention: Jan DesJardin, Julie Hall, Christie Kleinowski

I also shared that The Right Relief will go "beyond" 5,475 meals. That's not where The Right Relief "ends." We will not stop providing Relief to Caregivers once we hit that goal (here is the story behind the number). Our goal is to NEVER have to say no to a Caregiver Relief Request. That is only possible through our generous donors (individual and corporate), fundraising efforts and Relief Squad volunteers.

Lastly, I was honored to host this Fundraiser and bring awareness to all of the hard work that Caregivers perform each day. They are not unnoticed. They are utterly important and we believe that they deserve all the credit in the world. We're here for you, Caregivers!

I'm already looking forward to next year's event :)

The elevator door wouldn't stay open long enough for us to unload it :)

Dessert table!

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