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Pretzel Traditions

I honestly can't believe I haven't done a post about pretzels yet! They have a special meaning for Kyle and I and are just overall an AWESOME food!!

We have been going to the German Christmas Market/Festival in Oconomowoc since 2012 when we first started dating. Kyle's first apartment was very close to the downtown and we have even walked there the first year. We have watched this little town festival grow each year to include full tents with lots of vendors. The last few years we have of course taken Violet too and waited eagerly in the line for Santa pictures!

The highlight of the festival is the GIANT pretzel! Oh so salty and carb-y and just deliciousness. They also have a very yummy cold cheese dip we love.

Way back in 2012 I was living in my first apartment in Greendale and we also used to frequent Applebees on 76th St. This was when we had lots of energy and just decided to go out after 9pm on a Saturday :) They had some amazing pretzels stick appetizers with a hot cheese sauce that we also looooooved.

Finally, we just decided to try our hand at making them at home. As you know, Kyle loves to cook and this was his latest project when we lived in our first apartment together in Waukesha. It was September as well I believe and one of the first cool, fall feeling days. I LOVE fall and may have even converted Kyle from his summer loving ways. There is just something about the cool, crisp air and a nice warm pretzel! I think you can see....I really love pretzels :)

The recipe we use is an Auntie Annie's copy cat with some of Chef Kyle's tweaks. Will share tomorrow!! I also have fond memories of going to the Bay Park Square mall in Green Bay with my mom and sister for back to school shopping in August. We always got an Auntie Annie's cinnamon sugar pretzel as a treat. Such a fun tradition!

Check back tomorrow for our recipe! Let me know if you try it!

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