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Right Relief Repeats

A main question we get asked is, "do you provide multiple meals for the same Caregiver/family?"

The answer: YES

The WHY: At the Right Relief Inc., we know from personal experience that Caregiving is not just a one time or one day thing. It is life for many; the daily reality for weeks/month/years. The longer that someone cares for a loved one, the more drained they become. That is when some Relief and/or a Belly Hug is REALLY needed! Caregiving is more often than not a long process with multiple surgeries, appointments & cycles of treatment. One meal during the first week of an illness is great for the short term, but that is often when everything is still so new and unknown. Once caregivers settle in for the long haul and their initial support is over, Relief Squad steps in.

Caregivers will often say, "But you already did a meal for us" when we reach out to check in and offer up our services a second/third/fourth time.

Our Response: "That's ok! Our job/mission is to provide practical and emotional support to nourish YOU so you can continue giving the best possible care. Everyone needs good meals on a daily basis; caregivers even more so."

The old saying "you can't pour from an empty cup" has never been more accurate in these situations. If a Caregiver has eaten unhealthy or even no food throughout the day, the need for a nourishing dinner is even MORE important! Let us help! Let’s change this idea that Caregivers can *only* receive Relief once.

Even if you’ve already received a meal, you are more than welcome to request another for yourself or a Caregiver you know.

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