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You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For...

... Leftover-Halloween-Candy-Milkshakes?! Read on to find out more about this "recipe!"

If you have kids who went trick-or-treating this past weekend, you probably have a bunch of candy sitting around your house just tempting you to eat it. Since we are almost a week since the big day, the "dregs" of the candy is waiting. The never ending tootsie rolls, dumb dumbs, Mr. GoodBar, 3 Musketeers if you're lucky... some Snickers, Milky Way, Twix and Reese's (although these usually were the top pick at my house and went fast).

I LOVE the Facebook feature that is similar to TimeHop: Memories. I actually usually check it almost daily and it is so funny to see the things I was doing in college or the ups and downs of being a Packer fan. Now I love to see pictures of Violet and Robbie and how much they've changed and grown!

About two weeks ago a memory popped up from my cousin Kristin who frequently visited Peshtigo while she was in college at UW Green Bay. My Dad loved to cook for family and any excuse to make a big(ger) meal/dessert was welcomed. The conversation between Kristin and "Bodge" (my Dad's nickname) went something like this:

B: Do you have any Snickers Bars?

K: Ummmm no, why?

B: Because I need some for this weekend.

K: Okaaay?

And she stopped and got some on her way. That is how the memory ends LOL. I'm guessing he'd eaten all the Halloween candy already but still wanted to make his famous Leftover-Halloween-Candy-Milkshakes so niece Kristin to the rescue!

My Dad loved to make milkshakes especially after Halloween with all the leftover candy (obviously had to be only the chocolate and/or peanut butter varieties). He'd blend it up with vanilla ice cream and a little milk and voila: a Blizzard like milkshake with a yummy variety of candy!! There is no recipe to go off of. Everyone likes milkshakes a certain thickness. I'm positive using chocolate ice cream would also produce satisfactory results. Or chocolate milk... the possibilities are endless....

Try it and I guarantee you will go into a sugar coma and enjoy it immensely :)

V and Robbie both loved their first ever post-Halloween milkshake this week. So quickly in fact I got exactly 0 pictures! Here are some others to make you drool...and of course ELF!

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