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In 3.5 years, The Right Relief Inc. has provided Relief to over 5,475 Caregivers!!! To be exact: 5,512. Phew! Wow! What a surreal feeling!

When I first came up with this goal (read more on the WHY behind the number) in the summer of 2019, I was anticipating it would take 10 years or so. I had no idea the level of support I'd receive from family, friends, former coworkers, Karate family, fellow Nonprofits, Caregivers themselves and eventually complete strangers.

There was a lot of manual labor, washing dishes, baking, scheduling, driving and LOVE put into each of the 5,475 meals. These were made by Relief Squad members and The Right Relief Inc. Boston. Some were group meals at hospital guest houses; others were individual Caregivers who were referred to us. 1,000 were for a "belly hugs" lunch for teachers in Sept. 2021 when they needed it most. A handful were gift cards mailed to different states or restaurant delivery for Caregivers out of our driving range.

I feel SO fortunate to not have had to turn down any Relief Requests to this point. To be able to say "Yes!" when a Caregivers needs a meal is unbelievably fulfilling. There are so many Caregivers that need support; more than I even realized. I've been able to build connections via social media with many who have become "Right Relief Repeat" recipients.

So...what does it look like "beyond" 5,475?? Stay tuned...

How ironic that 5,512 noodles fit perfectly in this trifle bowl?! I can't wait to use it to make an actual trifle again! :)

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