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Rhubarb: You either Love it or Hate it

It's that time of year: rhubarb time! We were pleasantly surprised to find a bunch growing in our backyard when we moved to Menomonee Falls in 2020. I've picked a bunch the last two springs and have baked breads/muffins. I have always loved it since I grew up with it in my yard in Peshtigo.

My mom is a big pie baker and one of her specialties (besides her to-die-for crust) is rhubarb. She has perfected some delicious combinations over the years too to combat some of the tartness including strawberry rhubarb and apple rhubarb (my favorite).

One thing I like about rhubarb is that is is low maintenance. I literally do nothing to it in the fall and it grows back in the spring. It also freezes well which is a bonus too because there is always so much of it in such a short timeframe. It has such a unique taste and I think it is just nice to have a change after more "normal" flavored breads/muffins through the winter. I also really like being able to just go into my yard, pick something fresh and turn it into a carb-y treat the same afternoon.

One of my favorite children's authors is Patricia Polacco. I read her book My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother to my first graders every spring and it has a part where the siblings have a competition to see who can eat the most rhubarb right from the garden and it is just a hysterical book that I think even adults would get a kick out of (and relate to if you have siblings!).

This year so far I used a bread recipe I found via Pinterest and it has a delicious sugary topping. I doubled it and made some muffins too as my kiddos LOVE them and again they freeze well. (More on our love for muffins in this post.)

Here is the recipe.


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