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Snack Mix Recipe

This is the recipe follow up to my post earlier this week!


12oz Mixed Nuts (I use cashews)

8 oz combos

1 Box Ritz Bitz Cheese

1 Box White Cheddar CheeZ-Its

1 Box Wheat Thins (Plain or Ranch Flavor)

1 Bag Cheddar Goldfish crackers

1 Family Size bag Bugles

1 Family Size bag pretzels

2 packs of Original Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix

12 oz Oriville Redenbacher butter popcorn oil

Put a paper grocery bag inside a plastic garbage bag and pour half of all the snacks into it. Then mix 1 pack of dressing mix with half of the oil (6oz) and pour over snacks. Close the bags and shake. Let sit/settle for a few minutes and then repeat with the rest of the ingredients. Shake a few times over an hour before removing from bag for best seasoning!

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1 Comment

Nov 22, 2019

This is much more convenient than texting you or Mom every time I want to make this 😊

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